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What do you put ranch on?

Everyone loves ranch dressing. Right? You can put it on anything.


My husband and I love it on pizza. My parents always tease us about it. Well Mom and Dad…You can tease me all you want while I set here and enjoy my delicious ranch-flavored pizza.

My favorite type of ranch dressing is that really thin but rich, flavorful dressing they serve in restaurants.  This recipe is a combination of several different recipes. Let’s just say I did a lot of tasting to get it right. I know…poor me. I had to taste test ranch dressing! (more…)


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A love of dessert


My favorite way to celebrate is to eat. (more…)

August 15, 2011 at 8:42 pm 2 comments

Peaches & Ice Cream

A couple weeks ago, I was Georgia bound and whenever I think
Georgia… I think PEACHES! My mom and I found a roadside stand with some huge
baskets of super juicy peaches.

As you can see… that’s a lot of peaches! I have been eating 3
and 4 a day and still haven’t even made a dent in the basket. So I have been
trying to think of recipes so I can use them up before they spoiled. After
searching for peach recipes, it came to me… ICE CREAM! (more…)

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